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How will you stand out?


The Mission.

To tell the stories of amazing brands around the world. Let’s leave the world
a more interesting place.


Social Media Management
Content Creation

I remember the epiphany you gave us with your spider marketing. Your impact continues today and I’m so glad we have been part of each others stories.
— Andy Ash-Vie, Harken UK Managing Director.

Social Media Management

What’s your story?

I work with clients to tell the story of their brand. People’s attention spans are increasingly short and it can be seen that there is a trend toward consumers buying into brand stories rather than blatant advertising. My proven approach has seen all existing clients maintain and significantly grow a loyal following over the years. For more information on the power of storytelling see my article, “Why Storytellers Are The New Marketing Masters,” on Medium.

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Branding Services



We should never underestimate the power of branding. From your mission statement to your font, colours and content, everything you do should work to reinforce what your brand stands for. I provide consultancy and hands-on services to showcase your story in a way that makes your followers want to be a part of it as well.

Most importantly I work with you and your team to shake things up, break the mould and make things a little different.

Injecting creativity has never been easier.




Simple is beautiful.

Specialising in creating stunning, easy to edit, efficient websites, it is now possible for you to update and review your websites at the touch of a button, letting you get on with your day.

I take the stress out of websites, making sleek professional looking pages that work for you, not the other way around.

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CAA licensed drone operations


Differentiate yourself with a unique view...

Hannah Cotterell Media maintains a CAA commercial drone license with comprehensive insurance. All projects will operate with full safety gear, briefings, permissions and pre-site surveys, so you can be sure your project is filmed safely and legally. 

From property to landscapes, yachts, events and more, we've got you covered!